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Monday July 07, 2009

A Guide to Our Trips in 2007

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We combine our knowledge of the sweetest places of the outdoors with a selection of country inns and camping areas for our own special brand of hospitality. Our goal has always been to rise above the rest, to guarantee more than just an ordinary trip, to provide you with a vacation that goes beyond the mundane. We plan vacations, not expeditions.

Annual EarlyBird Discount

Inline Image The EarlyBird Discount has been extended to April 15 to save 10% on your trip prices. We appreciate the fact that you plan your vacation around our trips, and we want to tempt you with our Annual EarlyBird Discount on trip costs.  As a special bonus, we will also guarantee your departure so you can be assured your trip will not be canceled for a low-sign-up, and we will waive all possible small trip charges. We appreciate the fact that you plan your vacation around our trip. It's simple, you save 10% on your trip costs, your trip is guaranteed, and we are able to plan our season more effectively.

Special Trip Discounts:

Save 20% on two special trips. Vermont Sampler May 20 departure and Newfoundland Explorer on August 2. We have changed our policy on Trip Discounts. You must mention the e-CanNews discount when making your reservation since the discounts on our web site are only half of what the discount is here – it is our way to encourage you to let us continue to have access to your Inbox. Our Vermont Sampler is classic Vermont;  Country Inns and exquisite rivers combine for a wonderful adventure. It is a fine time in Vermont, early summer with lots of river choices. Newfoundland is a land of magnificent contrasts with its rugged coasts, majestic fiords, sparkling rivers and open valleys. From the coastal village of Burgeo to the awe-inspiring landscape of Gros Morne.

Canoe Rentals on the Kill

Inline Image We open for Day Trip Canoe Rentals on May 1, or earlier, weather permitting. Our home river, the Batten Kill, is one of the nation’s outstanding streams -- just about the perfect all-around river.  Famous the world over for trout fishing, it rises in the Green Mountains, flows through some of the most beautiful countryside in southern Vermont, and passes under four covered bridges on its way to the Hudson River.
We run an operation as good as the river. The water on the Batten Kill is lively and crystal-clear. Beginners float easily in the quietwater, while experienced canoeists enjoy other sections of quickwater and play in the eddies. We float past lonesome country lanes, quiet meadows, deep woods and high mountainsides bathed in the sun. This is a small world apart made especially for canoeing. It is intimacy without equal. We won’t be surprised if you linger awhile in this special corner of Vermont.
Day trip rentals are offered 7 days a week between 9:00-4:30. Rentals include a canoe or kayak, paddles, pfd, a drybag and shuttle service. Midweek rentals are $35/kayaks and $55/canoe. Weekend and holiday rentals are $45/kayak and $65/canoe. Guided Instructional Day trips are designed for the new, apprehensive or timid paddler, guided day trips introduce folks to canoeing in a non-stressful environment. Guided Day Trips are offered on Sunday and Wednesday throughout the season for $59.50 per person, and reservations are requested.

Inn to Inn Trips

Inline Image Inn to Inn Trips are a tapestry. Some of the threads reveal an outdoors of splendid rivers, isolated hiking trails, swimming holes, and sunny rocks. Other threads describe an indoors of inns with cozy surroundings rubbed soft and mellow by many seasons of hospitality, and fine food served by friendly innkeepers,  We combine our knowledge of the sweetest places to explore with country inns for our own special brand of hospitality.


Inline Image Join the Best of Vermont River Sampler and canoe the best of Vermont as part of a free-spirited band of travelers, moving from river to river and inn to inn. Vermont is a kaleidoscope of rustic and panoramic beauty. Our days are simple and loosely structured, and evenings at the inns are relaxed and laid-back. It is Vermont distilled to its essence. Panoramic landscapes, quiet backroads, picturesque villages and isolated rivers come together like a patchwork quilt to give us a true insight to this special place
Our week is filled with new discoveries, wonderful paddling, lasting friendships and enchanting memories. We allow you to indulge in gourmet meals, roam antique shops, chat with locals on the porch, or curl up with a good book. By the end of the week, we guarantee that you’ll have unwound on the Vermont Sampler.  Many guests describe it as a metamorphosis, widening from Sunday’s narrow focus of worry and hurry... to Friday’s smiles and hugs. Best of Vermont River Samplers are $1475.00 for 6 days/5 nights and are offered on: May 20-25, June 24-29, July 8-13, July 22-27, Aug 5-10, Aug 19-24, Sept 23-28, Sept 30-Oct 5 and Oct 7-12.


Inline Image Valley of Vermont is in our backyard of southwestern Vermont.  This corner of Vermont boasts some of the most spectacular vistas, finest streams and rivers, and beautiful country villages you can imagine. Close your eyes and envision pure Vermont – this is the Vermont you have imagined. Covered bridges, and white steeple churches watching over peaceful rural villages — the same restorative scenery that inspired Robert Frost. Our canoes dance on the Batten Kill, our home river and we explore by foot backroads and trails that lead us to hidden lakes and isolated vistas. For four splendid days we will hike and canoe where we can find peace and refreshment that is so lacking in today’s world. Valley of Vermont Rambles are $875.00 for 5 days/4 nights and are offered on: June 4-7, Aug 6-9, Sept 17-20 and Oct 1-4. Breakaways are back -- two and three day trips that are designed for those who just can’t take five days to explore the best of Vermont. Breakaways are two day trips that usually paddle a different river each day, but stay in the same inn for both evenings. Three day breakaways allow a bit more time to explore and enjoy our surroundings.  We will settle into a classic Vermont country inn and spend our day floating leisurely down a river or exploring the Green Mountains by foot.


Inline ImageCanoe France, the words alone invoke visions of quiet countryside, outdoor cafes, fine wines, and enchanting rivers Our trip weaves together rivers, caves (wine caves that is), prehistory art, and medieval castles with good food and excellent wine in an area where man and nature have lived together in harmony for 25,000 years. We discover in Southwest France, a land of quiet calm, where rivers wander gracefully through ancient valleys of towering limestone cliffs.  Paddling down the rivers we will take in breathtaking sights, have the opportunity to visit small hamlets and wander through local markets.  Four magical rivers offer an abundance of canoeing, prehistoric history and medieval villages to stimulate our minds and fine wines and regional cuisine to satisfy our gastronomical needs.  Canoe France trips are $2675.00 for 12 days/11 nights and are offered on: May 9-20, June 6-17, July 11-22, Sept 12-23 and Oct 17-28.


Inline ImageScotland Highlands and Islands Ramble is an enticing blend of spectacular scenery, untamed beauty, ancient history and profound tranquility. Our adventure explores the heritage and romantic beauty of the Highlands by canoe and foot. We venture off the beaten path to explore rugged vistas, where timeless and tranquil beauty await. In this peacefully remote region, we paddle exquisite isolated rivers, and walk age-old trails past grand castles that rise above silver lochans (small lakes), among the haunts of seabirds, golden eagles, and stag. Inn-to-inn river touring with congenial hotels providing hospitality, lodging and meals along the way and classic Highland hospitality. The purple heather, the simmering crisp blue sky, the green hills and the gray rocks have inspired writers and painters for centuries and welcome us for our adventure, and like Robert Burns, you’ll soon be singing “My heart’s in the highlands, wherever I go.”  Scotland Highland Rambles are $2750.00 for 11 days/10 nights and are offered on: May 24-June 3, June 21-July 1 and Aug 30- Sept 9.


Inline ImageBe a part of our Newfoundland Explorer  and be prepared to experience unique history, friendly people, migrating whales, stunning seacoasts, and unspoiled beauty and culture. The landscape is diverse...deep valleys, stark cliffs, and curving beaches of white sand; steep‑sided fjords gouged from the edge of a high plateau; mossy bogs and wide stone barrens and partridge berries; mountains topped with arctic‑alpine tundra; dense forest and wind‑stunted tangles of tuckamore; secret coves, wild islands, lots of wildlife, and few people. The hiking and canoeing is magnificent. Newfoundland has been described as an island of the sea, and its history is easily seen in its fishing villages. From the coastal village of Burgeo to the awe–inspiring landscape of Gros Morne National Park this trip takes us deep into the heart of this magical province.  Newfoundland has attracted adventurers for almost ten thousand years — join us now.  Newfoundland Explorer trips are $1675.00 for 10 days/9 nights and are offered on: Aug 2-11 and Aug 30-Sept 8.

Whitewater Voyageurs

Inline ImageWhitewater Voyageurs are camping trips in the great Canadian wilderness.  Whitewater camping trips are the beginning of a relationship with the world of nature, a world of rivers, pine covered forests, and sounds of nature.  They allow us an escape from our daily routine and are an opportunity to get back in touch with what is important. There is a majesty that only nature can provide us.  Isolation and quiet beauty, something sweet in its stillness and immutable peace.  There are few places remaining on earth that offer such a rich combination of nature’s wonders, and wilderness adventure as the  Lure of Labrador


Inline Imagehe Dumoine River is a canoe tripper’s paradise - 75 kilometers of magnificent river.  The location is remote — so remote that we fly in and canoe out.  The river is predominantly class II with a few class III’s thrown in to keep your attention.  Eight days of wilderness camping, whitewater, eagles, cliffs and walks in the woods.  There are enough rapids here to satisfy the most advanced paddlers. The fishing is outstand­ing. Meals are special affairs featuring fresh ingredients and Dutch Oven delights cooked over an open fire. Becoming part of this river nurtures and strokes the body and spirit.  It is keenly a satisfying experience.  Our pace will be leisurely, to enjoy the wilderness.  Basic instruction, river reading and scouting techniques are incorporated.  Though prior paddling experience is usually required, this trip is not beyond the ability of adventurous beginners.  Dumoine Voyageurs are $1050.00 for 9 days/8 nights and are offered on: July 10-18 and Aug 21-29.


Inline ImageOur classic wilderness camping trip, St. Croix Voyageur, is ideal for families and begin­ning paddlers.  The St. Croix is designated as a Canadian Heritage river that forms the border between New Brunswick and Maine. Our first and last evenings are at Loon Bay Lodge — a wilderness lodge built in the tradition of the great camps of the North Country. During our trip we will become fully immersed in the wonderful isolation of the St Croix.  We will make camp at scenic secluded sights at rivers edge.  Mornings find some of us up early enjoying the solitude and the mist rising off the water, while others curl up deeper in their sleeping bags waiting for their first cup of coffee.  The St. Croix provides the perfect playground for novices wishing to learn, or for those simply seeking a relaxed and peaceful river sojourn.  St Croix Voyageurs are $895.00 for 5 days/4 nights and are offered on: July 23-27 and Aug 13-17.

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