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Greetings and welcome again to BattenKill Canoe. We're pleased to present e-CanNews, our periodic email newsletter announcing special discounts, unique exploratory expeditions, and the latest BattenKill Canoe news.

The past month or so has been hectic as usual and equally engaging in the spirit of adventure. Summer is well underway, and we have enjoyed seeing many of you on the Batten Kill and other trips. We look forward to seeing many more of you throughout the remaining summer and fall.

Featured in this Issue

  • Save 10% on September and October Canoe France.
  • Join us on our Bonaventure River Voyageur First Descent
  • Costa Rica and Nicaragua dates are finalized. We know it is summer in Vermont, but we are ready for your reservation in Costa Rica.
  • Scholarship for a very special friend from Solentiname -- Olivia
  • Let BattenKill Canoe Design a Private Trip for You

Canoe France Discount

Join us for special trip discounts in France. All our France trips in May, June and July were full. We have space for 2 more in September and another 2 again in October.

Rivers caves and castles with good food and excellent wine in an area where man and nature have lived together in harmony for 25,000 years. We discover in Southwest France, a land of quiet calm, where rivers weave gracefully through ancient valleys of towering limestone cliffs. Fortified medieval villages wedged tight into overhanging cliffs and fine wines, foie gras and regional cuisine to be enjoyed at the end of the day. Four magical rivers offer an abundance of canoeing, prehistoric history and medieval villages stimulate our minds and fine wines and regional cuisine satisfy our gastronomical needs.

Save 10% on one of our most popular trips. Please check our web site, or call for detailed trip notes of Canoe France.

Please check our web site for details and information on our new Value Voucher policy, which extends a courtesy discount for those of you who have paid regular price.

Bonaventure River Voyageur First Descent

Each year BattenKill Canoe offers a special expedition, a trip to bring all of us in touch with some of the world’s most spectacular rivers. We had planned to explore New Zealand this year, but logistical problems forced us to delay that trip, and Bob suggested the Bonaventure. We had an open week decided to check out a new river in the Gaspé peninsula of Quebec

The Bonaventure River, called ‘Wagamet' (clear water) by the local Mic-Mac aboriginals, is a truly spectacular river. Flowing out of remote Lac Bonaventure, from its source high in Chic-Choc Mountains, we paddle to the sea. Our lead Canadian Guide Bob Barnes admits that we can find more harrowing whitewater on some other rivers, but he agrees that it might just be the perfect canoeing river: one rapid that lasts 76 miles and takes 6 days to run with no portages. The river, legendary for its gin clear water features forested gorges, dramatic mountain vistas, and crystalline salmon filled waters. With a consistent dropping gradient, the river is characterized by virtually continuous mildly technical Class I-II+ whitewater (a few Class III drops in the gorge section) —all the way to the sea.

Join Bob and Jim for our first descent of the Bonaventure river on Aug 4-11, 2005, trip price is $950.00. Five nights on the river and our first and last night in a lodge near the Baie des Chaleurs. Call us for details, but start packing your bag.

Join Us in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, Our Winter Home

While we are still in the midst of summer it is not too early to look ahead and plan for our Winter season of trips in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. We have just finalized trip dates for the upcoming season and are pleased to announce them here for you along with our EarlyBird Discount offer. We are entering our twelfth season of running trips in Costa Rica and Nicaragua and we are filled with the same anticipation and excitement we had our first year. We have organized two distinctly different trips exploring Costa Rica and Nicaragua - review or visit with us to decide which is right for you.

We are offering our EarlyBird Discount of 10% off the per person trip price if you make your reservation by Nov 15, 2005. That's right, you save 10% on your trip price and it helps us plan our season more effectively. As a special bonus, we will guarantee your departure so that you can plan your vacation with the knowledge that your trip will not be canceled for any reason. We appreciate the fact that you plan your vacation around our trips. So mark your calendar and plan to make your trip reservation by November 15 and save on your overall trip price.

Canoe Costa Rica is our classic Costa Rica Adventure. We combine comfortable lodges, and good food with canoeing to create the BATTENKILL blend of hospitality that we are known for. We travel at a leisurely pace, enjoying classic lodges, allowing us to soak in all that we can, now thoroughly immersed in the true fabric of Costa Rica. It all combines to create welcome befitting Costa Rica Costa Rica Sampler trips are $1795.00 for 11 days/10 nights and are offered on: Dec 1-11, 2005, Feb 2-12, 2006 and March 2-12, 2006.

Talamanca, Rivers and Rainforest is for the Costa Rica explorer in us - this trip is for the adventurer who relishes the undiscovered and welcomes spontaneity in their travels. Following a loosely designed itinerary, with local guides from the Bri Bri Indigenous Association, and Talamanca Association for Ecotourism and Conservation, we offer a rare opportunity to travel where few organized groups have traveled. Talamanca trips are $1595.00 for 11 days/10 nights and is offered on: Jan 5-15, 2006

Solentiname & Rio San Juan Nicaragua meets in San Jose Costa Rica, and quickly departs for the remote country of the border. Our next destination is an isolated lodge on the Archipelago de Solentiname - a collection of islands in the south end of Lago de Nicaragua, which has a rich past and reputation not only for its primitivist art but also for its unique nature, the hospitality of the people and the peaceful living style. Our journey continues down the Rio San Juan to El Castillo-a fortress built by the Spanish in 1675 at a strategic spot (rapids) to block the British and French from coming up the river from the Caribbean. Our final evenings in Nicaragua will be at Refuge Bartola adjacent to 'Si a la Paz' - 'Yes to Peace', an immense national park in southern Nicaragua stretching all the way to the Caribbean Sea. We return to Costa for our final evening. This trip is for the adventurer who likes to travel to remote places where we will be the only visitors. Please call for references Explore Nicaragua trips are $1595.00 for 11 days/10 nights and offered on: Dec 22, 2005 - Jan 1, 2006, Jan 19-29, 2006, Feb 16-16, 2006

Explore Nicaragua is our our newest itinerary with an old name. If you have talked with us recently, you will know we are entranced with Nicaragua. We have built a small cabina in solentiname, and continue to parts of Nicaragua. We meeet in Managua, and travel north the Matagalpa mountains for 3 days, and then spend a day in old Leon, on the way to Massaya and Grenada, saving our most favorite spot of all --olentiname for our final 3 days. Explore Nicaragua is offered on March 16-26, 2006. Call for more details.

Olivia Gueverra Scholarship

We all must pledge to do to our best to uphold the trust bestowed in the gift of life; to care for our planet and atmosphere; to respect and honor all inhabitants, all people, plants, animals and resources; to create a legacy for our children and our children's children in a world of harmony and love. Our current project is for Olivia to live with us in Vermont and attend Southern Vermont College.

We invite you to join us in helping a very special, hardworking young woman from Solentiname reach her potential. She has been provisionally accepted at Southern Vermont College in Bennington and we are now working on raising the money for her to attend. All of you who have traveled with us to Nicaragua and the Solentiname Islands have had the opportunity to meet Olivia Gueverra. Olivia has been living in Solentiname with her aunt Marie helping out at the lodge and concentrating on her studies. Olivia will finish high school in December of this year and is looking forward to attending college. Olivia’s thirst for knowledge and commitment to education is remarkable. It is a drive that come from somewhere inside of her and has been nurtured by her aunt. Olivia’s interests are biology, archeology and history, all of which Solentiname has an abundance of. She understands the value of an education, not only for herself but also for what it will enable her to bring back to Solentiname.

There is limited governmental assistance for education in rural Nicaragua. Through the commitment of Ernesto Cardenal, poet, priest and sculpture, the six primary schools and one high school in Solentiname have been assisted by donations from various organizations. It is an ongoing effort to support the Solentiname schools and unfortunately there are no funds for students who wish to continue their education either in Nicaragua or abroad. In addition to scholastic scholarships from SVC we need to raise about $5500.00 for her to attend SVC. If you are interested in participating in this scholarship program and would like more details please contact us.

Please visit Olivia's page on our web site for details. If you have a moment, please read her essay on why she wants to go to college in the US. We would be happy to hear from you and have you share in this effort to assist Olivia in reaching her full potential and making her dream of attending college a reality.

Independent Journeys with BattenKill are based on our experience and existing itineraries modified for people who like to travel on their own, but who still want to experience the superb itinerary design, great accommodations, unique experiences that are the signature of traveling with BattenKill. They are perfect for honeymoons, birthday and anniversary celebrations, or reunions of family and friends. We can adjust departure dates and walking distances and add special, unforgettable activities. Nothing compares to an adventure vacation - arranged solely to enrich your occasion.

For most of our destinations we can custom design an itinerary that offers the same high standard of operation and leadership we use on our regular trips. You choose your preferred standard of accommodations, travel dates and the amount of time to spend at the various sites along the way. With advance planning we can match a specific guide to your group's interests.

Planning this type of trip for a few people is usually 10-50% more expensive than a group departure for 8-12 people. Our custom private arrangements are often less expensive than other companies' large group departures. You will find incomparable value in the personal service we provide, the knowledgeable experience we apply to designing your trip and in the flexibility you will enjoy in the final itinerary carefully tailored to your own interests.

To help us assist you in planning your trip we have developed a set of FIT Custom Trip Planning Guidelines. We like to establish a sequence of planning for private departures that efficiently uses your time and resources. These procedures are rooted in our commitment to provide the best service and value possible.of time to spend at the various sites along the way. With advance planning we can match a specific guide to your group's interests.

Seize the Adventure!
It is so satisfying when we take the plunge of adventure - it's unfortunate that we invent so many reasons to put aside living our dreams of adventure. It is sometimes a tangled web that we weave through life. Some of the threads reveal a work-a-day world of commitments, duties and obligations. Other threads are of a quiet fabric of hope, responsibility and refreshment.

Take a moment to seize the adventure, visit our web site at www.battenkill.com for details on our full line up of trips to make your dreams of adventure a reality.

That our news from here on the Batten Kill. As always, please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns. We enjoy visiting with you about any of the canoe trips that we organize. See you on a river, sometime, somewhere, but soon.

Peace and all the Best.

Jim Walker, Carolyn Parker, Diego, JJ, Marion, Martin, Vlad, Peter, John, Marc, Steve and Paul
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