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Sieze the Adventure 7 July 2009
 Save 20% on 3 special trips. 

It helps us dramatically to fill these trips, and if you are ready, you can save. Special offers and discounts presented in this e-mail newsletter are subject to availability. You must mention the discount offer when you sign up since the discount publicized on the web is only half of what we are offering here; it is our way to encourage you to let us continue to have access to your Inbox.    These discounts are not available to guests already enrolled on the departure

Canoe France

Save 20% on the September 9 departure of Canoe France. We discover in Southwest France, a land of quiet calm, where rivers wander gracefully through ancient valleys of towering limestone cliffs. Paddling down the rivers we will take in breathtaking sights, have the opportunity to visit small hamlets and stroll through local markets. Four magical rivers offer an abundance of canoeing, prehistoric history and medieval villages to stimulate our minds and fine wines and regional cuisine to satisfy our gastronomical needs. This trip can put present day life into perspective.  Regular departures are $2769.00 for 12 days/11 nights and are offered on: June 3-14, July 1-12, and Sept 9-20, 2009($2215.00 for this departure), and a just announced new date of October 21 –Nov 1.

Best of Vermont River Sampler

Join us on the Vermont River Sampler July 26-31 and save 20%. Canoe the best of Vermont as part of a free-spirited band of travelers, moving from river to river and inn to inn. Vermont is a kaleidoscope of rustic and panoramic beauty. Our days are simple and loosely structured, and evenings at the inns are relaxed and laid-back. It is Vermont distilled to its essence. Panoramic landscapes, quiet backroads, picturesque villages and isolated rivers come together like a patchwork quilt to give us a true insight to this special place. Regular departures are $1417.50 for 6 days/5 nights and are offered on: July 12-17, July 26-31($1134.00 for this departure), Aug 16-21, Sept 27-Oct 2, and Oct 4-9, 2009.

Safari on the White

2009 marks the return of a great trip, with a new Inn. Three great Green Mountain rivers: the West, the White and the Batten Kill. The ambiance of Landgrove Inn, lively water, mountain and meadow scenery, rapids and pools, all with some fine hiking thrown in. They constitute a rare collection of elements that blend together for a spectacular two days. Safari on the White Breakaways are $497.00 for 2 nights/2 days trip and is offered on; July 24-26, Aug 21-23 and Sept 25-27, 2009.

Other Featured Trips from BattenKill!

The Valley of Vemont -- an embroidery of art and nature blanket the pastoral charm of the Valley of Vermont. Join us in our backyard to experience with us the best of all things that make Vermont special. Travel by foot and canoe. Valley of Vermont Rambles is $967.50 for 4 day/3 night trip, and are offered on: July 20-23, Aug 24-27, Sept 21-24 and Oct 5-8, 2009.

Scotland Highland Ramble is a melodic fabric of green hills, windingHiking in the rivers, and meandering footpaths. The natural beauty of Scotland’s Western Highlands has been the subject of song, poetry and legend since the Celts first explored these far-flung islands, lochs and hills. Like Robert Burns, you’ll soon sing “My heart is in the Highlands wherever I go.” Scotland Highland Rambles are $2925.00 for 11 days/10 nights and is offered on: Aug 27-Sept 6, 2009

Newfoundland is a land of magnificent contrasts with its rugged coasts, majestic fiords, sparkling rivers and open valleys. From the coastal village of Burgeo to the awe-inspiring landscape of Gros Morne, our Newfoundland Explorer trip takes us deep into the heart of this enchanting province. Newfoundland Explorer trips are $1597.50 (US) for 10 days/9 nights and is offered on: July 30-Aug 9.

Our Dumoine Whitewater Voyageur is a canoe tripper's paradise - 75 clicks of magnificent river. The location is remote -- so remote that we fly in and canoe out. The river is predominantly class II with a few class III's thrown in to keep your attention. This is a magnificent river trip, our pace is leisurely – with time to learn and improve our skills, time to feel the isolated beauty, time to soak in our surrounding and time to share the fun with a new group of friends. Dumoine Voyageur is $1345.00 for an 8 day, moderate whitewater camping trip and is offered on: July 7-15, and Aug 5-13, 2009.

St Croix Voyageur is a Canadian Heritage river and that really means something in Canada. Bald eagles, easy rapids and isolated campsites make a perfect introduction for families and beginning paddlers to canoeing and camping. St Croix Voyageur is $1095.00 for a 4 day/4 night quietwater camping trip and is offered on: July 20-24, and August 17-21, 2009.

Winter Trips in Costa Rica and Nicaragua

We have just finalized trip dates for the upcoming season and are pleased to announce them here for you along with our EarlyBird Discount offer. We are entering our seventeenth season of running trips in Costa Rica and Nicaragua and we are filled with the same anticipation and excitement we had our first year. We have organized three distinctly different trips exploring Costa Rica and Nicaragua - review or visit with us to decide which is right for you.

Canoe Costa Rica

Canoe Costa Rica is the ultimate encounter with nature’s boundless variety. Traveling by canoe, we experience several distinct ecological zones--tropical rainforest, mountain cloud forest, fertile valleys, and even walk on the lava flow of an active volcano. Comfortable lodging and fine food awaits us every night. Canoa Costa Rica trips are $2675.00 (US) for 11days/10nights and is offered on: January 14-24, 2010, February 11-21, 2010, and March 11-21 2010.

Solentiname and the Rio San Juan

Solentiname & Rio San Juan journeys to some of the most remote yet peaceful areas of Nicaragua. The rich history, diverse wildlife and artist community all come alive during our travels to the Archipelago of Solentiname and then down the Rio San Juan. This trip beckons the traveler wanting to experience new cultures and be immersed in nature’s lush surroundings. Solentiname trips are $2375.00 (US) for 11days/10nights and is offered on: December 23, 2009-January 3, 2010, January 28-Feb 7, 2010, Feb 25-March 7, 2010 and March 25-Apr 4 (Easter Day).

Rica Nica

For lovers of tropical flora and fauna, Rica Nica, Canoe & Coffee is a dream date, a romance of tropical proportion. From the islands of Solentiname to the mountains of Matagalpa our journey takes us deep into Nicaragua, the heart of America. Rica Nica trips are: $2375.00 (US) for 11days/10 nights and is offered on January 14-24, 2010 and February 25-March 7, 2010.

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